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CNC Spindle Using Maintenance

Updated: Aug 31

Phantom CNC Spindle
Spindle Maintenance

CNC Spindle Using Maintenance is extremely important when it comes to keeping your machine running smoothly. Check out below, how to properly care for your spindle on your CNC machine.

Using notice

1. The spindle and the frequency converter should be used together, and the specifications and parameters of the frequency converter should be matched with the rated parameters of the spindle. If incorrect, the spindle will be burned.

2. Before using the water-cooled electric spindle, make sure that the cooling circulatory system is working smoothly. Use it without the cooling conditions is prohibited. Calculate the cooling water as per 1L/kw minutes, and the cooling water flow rate should at least 5L/minute, the connection between the cooling water pipe and the water mouth must be reliable without leakage.

3. Coolant must be clean, not greasy, temperature control in 5-30 ℃. If the environment temperature is higher than 30 ℃, then the cooling medium must force refrigeration. For precision machine tool the coolant constant temperature should be 20 plus or minus 2 ℃ .

4. In the process of saving and transporting the spindle, the high-speed grease status in the bearing will be changed, and the customer should run the spindle under the minimum speed for 30 minutes firstly, then increase 3000 RPM as a shift for each following 20 minutes. If you start running in high speed directly without run-in period, the spindle will cause the phenomenon such as foreign noise, high heat rise, etc., and it affects the bearing life. The spindle should be turned on (low speed) for 15-30 minutes weekly for long-term use purposes.

5. When clamping the cutter into the spindle, the tube clamping, nut, and inner cone shall be cleaned to avoid the influence of precision. The holder of the handle shall be inserted into a tube clamp bigger than 15mm.

6. The spindle must be preheated every day, and when the spindle reaches the processing speed, run for 15-20 minutes then process. Keep the spindle rest for  2 hours every day to prolong the useful life.

7. It is strictly forbidden to knock on the spindle end cover.  During the transportation, storage, and use, the hit is strictly prohibited, especially the shaft end.

8. The spindle should run according to the assigned direction.

9. Assemble the spindle according to the drawing.

10. The temperature should be controlled within 22-25℃ for the water-cooled spindle user.

11. When the spindle uses an air seal, the air must be used by the oil and water separator and the drying filter, the air pressure is 0.2-0.25 MPa, and the filtration precision is 5μm, otherwise the bearing will be damaged.


1. When abnormal noise or vibration is especially large in the operation process, check the bearing immediately and replace the new bearing when necessary. When the abnormal smell or suddenly stops happens during operation, should immediately cut off the power supply, use a megger to measure the resistance between the stator and the ground, also the three-phase resistance, if the insulation resistance is in loss then the stator is burned, the spindle should be back to the factory to replace the stator.

2. The spindle should replace the grease regularly by professionally trained personnel.

3. The spindle is not allowed to force brake on the shaft by any mechanical means.

4. When repairing the spindle, it shall be repaired by professional trained personnel or back to the factory.

Maintenance notice

Maintenance personnel must be trained before they are qualified, and the maintenance place must be clean and should be strictly dust-proof. Special tools should be used when disassembling the spindle, it is forbidden to knock hard in order to avoid damage to the parts.

  • 1 Disassemble the spindle

(1) Remove the connecting seat and remove the rear cover and rear nut.

(2) Disassemble the front dustproof shield, take off the nut, and disassemble the front cover.

(3) Press out the rotor groupware.

(4) Take out the rear bearing groupware from the housing.

(5) Press out the front bearing groupware.

(6) (If only change the bearing, not change the stator, this step can be omitted) remove the front cover (note: the front cover and the housing have the direct relationship on the circle), take the stator from the housing, it is strictly prohibited to break off hard.

  • 2 Spindle assembly

(1) All parts must be cleaned with the gasoline of 120 # before assembly to prevent the dirt from being brought into the housing, otherwise, it will affect the accuracy and life of the spindle.

(2) The assembly procedure is opposite to the disassembly procedure.

(3) When the spindle has a separate ring when changing the new bearing the ring should be equipped, the pre-tight force of the bearing should be detected. The parallel difference between the two sides of the ring is no more than 0.002 mm.

(4) The bearing shall be pressed into the shaft and the housing, and the bearing shall be strictly prohibited to knock.

(5) When the spindle assembly has been completed, with the hand twist turning the shaft should be no clearance, without any clamp phenomenon, the shaft play meets the requirement, and test the spindle from low speed to high speed according to the test program.


  • Common malfunction and elimination methods

CNC Malfunction & Elimination Methods Chart
Common malfunction and elimination methods

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