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Use of Woodworking CNC Router Machine Inverter and Maintenance Knowledge

Updated: Aug 31

Phantom CNC Tool Changer with Spindle
CNC Tool Changer with Spindle

The frequency inverter of CNC engraving machine, also called spindle drive, plays a very important part of processing equipment, has a strong troubleshooting capabilities, especially when engraving machine failure. Here, Qingong CNC explains the use of woodworking CNC router machine drive and maintains knowledge briefly.

Use and maintenance of wood CNC router engraving machine inverter.

Woodworking CNC router machine spindle drive with strong troubleshooting capabilities, it can be an internal rectifier inverter, inverter part, CPU and peripherals, such as communication CNC router machine with the motor fault protection. Inverter fault protection trip until after the reset will always show fault code. According to the fault indication code to determine the cause of the fault, such an action would reduce the scope of troubleshooting, greatly reducing troubleshooting time.

Because woodworking CNC router machine drives highly integrated, compact overall structure, the larger amount of heat itself, so the installation environment of temperature, humidity, and dust content has certain requirements, especially of woodworking CNC router machine to produce more dust, long time attached to the drive above, once the damp air cloudy rain is likely to cause the machine to protect jump stop.

In order to minimize mechanical failures that we should be cleaned on a regular basis in a timely manner on the drive, soot blowing, keep the interior clean and smooth drive duct; keeping the surroundings clean drive, dry place debris in the vicinity of the inverter is prohibited; after each maintenance drive, should seriously check for missing screws and wires and other small metal objects to prevent accidents caused by a short circuit inverter.

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