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A first look at our large machines with our SCR series.  Complete with a 6.1HP Spindle, Pendant Control, and heavy welded frame.  


The SCR Series CNC Router is our entry level large format machines at a cost-effective price tag. The SCR CNC Series is constructed with a machine bed made from .180 mild steel square tube. This frame is welded and laser aligned to with +_ .001 inch end to end. Industrial quality linear bearings with high precision rails on every axis give less rolling moment resistance which translates to more torque from the motors. The SCR CNC Series router comes equipped with a 6.1 HP VFD driven Air cooled spindle, ER32 collets and a dust collection hood that concentrates airflow at the cutter provides optimal dust collection performance. The t-slot table is constructed with aircraft aluminum t slats. This ensures the table is strong and true. This will lead to precision cutting. The machine can be equipped with a pneumatic rollers. 
The SCR CNC series is powered by NEMA 34 stepper motors with gear reduction. The CNC is controlled by a DSP A11 pendant.  This ensures that your cutting is never interrupted by Windows updates or malware. EVERY machine sold by us is fully assembled and quality tested at our facility in North Carolina.

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Floor Plan



The bed is the backbone of a CNC router. Our machine bed uses steel square tube welded together with precision jigs. Our gantry uses a 6 in by 10 in tube steel structure for maximum rigidity.

This CNC router has adjustable vibration dampening supports that can adjust machine level up to 3 inches.


The base frame is fabricated from heavy-duty tubular steel that is MIG welded, precision machined and stress relieved so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine. Stress relieving consists of heating the frame and allowing to cool slowly. This is done to remove any stress introduced during the welding process. The frame is machined after this to ensure a long accurate and stable life.


The gantry is constructed of tubular steel with reinforcing ribs, welded throughout the length of the gantry. This results in a steady and strong beam assembly. This engineering and workmanship results in smooth precision cutting.  The Z-axis working area  is 200mm to 300mm.

Heavy Duty Gantry Supports

These columns are made of heavy wall steel that is cast and machined to extreme tolerances. All placement of accessories use machined areas with cast bosses for exact positioning.


Machine working area: 51*98* 7.8 inch; Z axis can be ordered in 9.8 inches to 11.8 inches.

We offer 2 common sizes  =  4ft x 8ft and 5ft x 10ft.  Remember, you can always put a smaller sized board into a bigger machine. As a general rule the electronics remain the same so upsizing maybe less expensive than you think.

Maximum material width is limited to the inner width of the gantry. In production 1 inch is the safe distance that should be preserved on each side. With the flat-table design, the length of the material is unlimited but supporting structures like feed rollers are required.


The Spindle alone is 22 lbs.  After it has been assembled, the Z Axis section weighs more than 200 lbs. We use a high precision and high speed ball screw system with a Delta 750 watt drive and brake motor to move the Z axis.

Aluminum bed with T slots built in 

This Aircraft Aluminum top with T-slot hold downs give a super flat, accurate bed for mounting.  This allows for maximum fixturing capability.  Many customers add a MDF spoil board for a sacrificial cutting surface.


The machine is designed with the dust covers on the guide rails and the helical rack and pinions.

The Y-axis has double-layer sheet metal design for debris-proof operation. This extends the life of the drive system.


The Z Axis mounting plate is made anodized aviation aluminum. The spindle is fixed on the high-quality aviation aluminum T6061/6063 plate. The Z-axis uses a TBI High-Precision Ball-screw. The ball screw connects to the Nema 34 motor  with a disc coupler that protects the ball screw in case of crashes.


Applying lubricant is often most effective when it is dispensed in small, measured amounts. As a result, we have installed an automatic lubrication system. It will apply oil to all components when activated. 


All Phantom CNC Systems machines comes standard with high-frequency collet spindle. These precision spindles require no maintenance and use industry-standard ER collets. They come fully programmable from speeds of 6000 to 18000 RPM and come complete with a vacuum hood and wrenches.


We use a high precision auto tool calibrator. This makes calibrating tool lengths easy and quick. This offset will automatically apply to your chosen tool.


All the electrical components are housed and wired in a double doored  electrical enclosure. This allows for easy access and service when needed.  We use France Schneider electronic components.

Voltage requirement is 220V 1PH 30 amp.