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Starting At $34,500

Sometimes when using a CNC router to make cuts it is necessary to change out tooling. With a single tool spindle this operation can take valuable production time and introduces another point in the production process for human error to be introduced.

The PHANTOM CNC SYSTEM-ATC CNC machine reduces production time by automatically changing cutters between tool paths, thus eliminating the need for the CNC operator to change and zero tools individually. The ATC feature allows our router to do the full job, even when different tooling is required to make different types of cuts.  Signs and complex 3D carvings are a good example of this. A machine equipped with an ATC can perform operations normally done on other pieces of equipment, eliminating the need for additional machines in the shop.

The ATC router includes an automatic tool height system. This unique system can not only change the tools but uses a sensor to compensate for the tool length. With 8 or 10 tools in a linear rack and a change over time that only takes  about 8 seconds this is a very productive machine. With cutting speed of up 500 inches ipm and free speed of 1000 ipm it is ideally suitable for processing of cabinets, wooden doors, solid wood furniture in a high speed shop.

T Series


• 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′ stock sizes (Special sizes available upon request.)
• 16.1HP VFD Automatic Tool Change Air cooled spindle ISO 130. 
• Multi-zone vacuum with t-slot table with gate valves for zone control.

• 220V 1ph 50 amp power.
• Rotary vane vacuum pumps with mufflers are available.
• Delta servo motors and drives .
• Japanese high precision gear reduction.

• Z-axis transmission parts and use aviation aluminum alloy T6061/6063
• Air operated dust collection hood.
• Automatic Tool Height calibration sensor.
• Automatic Lubrication system.
• Independent Industrial control cabinet.
• Multi-software compatibility: Compatible with various cad/cam softwares.

• 4th Axis Rotary is an option.

Phantom T Series
Phantom T Series Brochure Flyer

Floor Plan

Phantom T Series Blueprint
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