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Phantom CNC Systems Releases CNC Industry-Disrupting 4x4 Table with 8-Plate Automatic Tool Changer,

and They Call it Atomic

PR Newswire Thu, November 9, 2023 at 8:57 AM EST·3 min read

VANCEBORO, N.C., Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The SCVATC Atomic series is Phantom's newest product launch. The CNC Router 4x4 series is now available with an automatic tool changer. The Atomic has a small footprint, but packs a huge punch with sturdiness and quality of cuts. Phantom's machines have a tolerance of +/- 0.03 across 12' feet making these 4' x 4' machines extremely accurate. Phantom's SC CNC Series are constructed with a machine bed made from .180 mild steel square tube. The frame is welded, and laser aligned to with +_ .030 inch end to end. Industrial quality linear bearings with high precision rails on every axis give less rolling moment resistance which translates to more torque from the motors. Woodworking Influencer (1M+ Social media followers) Izzy Swan and wife Maggie of Izzy Swan Woodworking picked up their new Atomic from Phantom's rural North Carolina plant and is raving about his new Atomic in a newly published video on Phantom's YouTube channel. "You can't compare this with any other 4X4 CNC machine with an automatic tool changer in the market. There are two other Manufactures of a CNC 4x4 with 6-plate ATC but they have a smaller servo, and smaller motor, and twice the cost of ownership of a Phantom," stated Swan. The SC CNC Series CNC router comes equipped with a 9KW 12HP VFD driven Air cooled spindle, ER32 collets and effective dust collection hood. The machines are equipped with pneumatic rollers that create 600 lbs of downforce, each. This attachment will prevent materials from moving during the cut by providing a high amount of down pressure on the material. "This is a professional machine, Swan offered. This machine is capable of speeds some of the $80,000 machines are running. It's capable of cutting 500-600 inches a minute, full depth of cut on a three-quarter inch plywood with a roughing bit, the same as an $80,000 machine. It's definitely a professional machine. When we saw Steve was coming out with a new 4x4 with ATC we knew we had to have one!" Every machine sold by Phantom is fully quality tested at their facility in Vanceboro, North Carolina. About Phantom CNC Systems The All-American story of Phantom CNC Systems starts in the backyard of owner Steve Wallace's house on a farm outside of Vanceboro, NC. A town that has a recorded population of 859 people in 2021 (according to the US Census Bureau). After countless after-hours research and communication with an engineering team, Steve received his first R&D CNC table delivered to the farm in October of 2020. Nearly 3 years later, Phantom CNC Systems is in 2nd generation (Reaper and Shadow) of machines in both 4' x 8' and 5' x 10' configurations. Plans on facility expansion to New Bern, North Carolina, are currently underway.

Media Contact: David Flood Flood Funnel Marketing, LLC 252-229-3896


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