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The Team of Phantom CNC Systems
Phantom CNC Systems Steve Wallace Founder/CEO

Steve Wallace brings Phantom CNC Systems to the "blue collar" Worker

Vanceboro, NC – As a 20+ year retired law enforcement officer, as well as a Veteran of the US Army that served in Afghanistan, Steve understands blue collar, good ole U.S. of A hard working folks. That is why you will find the pricing of Phantom CNC Systems to be noticeably less expensive than the competitors in the same space. The quality of Phantom’s drives, motors and controllers compare to anyone else in the market, but Steve wanted the guy working in his back yard to be capable of buying that industrial grade piece of equipment. The All-American story of Phantom CNC Systems starts in the backyard of Steve’s house on a farm outside of Vanceboro, NC. A town that has a recorded population of 859 people in 2021, according to the US Census Bureau. After countless after-hours research and communication with our friends across the pond, Steve got his first R&D CNC table delivered to the farm in October of 2020. This was after he hired a staff in China to make sure his investment would be exactly what he wanted it to be when it showed up. Nearly 3 years later, Phantom CNC Systems has now launched its second generation of machines labeled the Reaper Series and the Shadow Series. Each machine is offered in a 4’ x 8’ or a 5’ x 10’ size and the Reaper series has an Elite controller option to give the operator the best of the best when it comes to precision and speed. They have also released their BRAND NEW 4’ x 4’ ATC option at AWFS in Las Vegas. This is an industry first and we expect to see a lot more of these industry firsts from Phantom in the years to come. Watch out for Phantom as they continue to grow and develop innovative ideas in the ever-changing CNC industry and creative maker world. Steve’s quote says it best. “We like to fix problems that our customers never knew they had.” As their tag says, Phantom is truly becoming “the Evolution of CNC.”

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