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We founded Phantom CNC Systems with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, reliable, value-minded CNC systems.  We know that every detail matters, and strive to make the entire CNC purchase as easy as possible. We specialize in providing systems that include delivery, training, and system integration into your business.

We reviewed the costs and details of each supplier, and we finally launched the powerful S series. This series of products have passed our rigorous review and testing. On the S machine, we utilize a 6HP spindle, a 7HP inverter, pinch roller system, automatic oil lubrication systems, and oil-mist cooling systems. Known as the most cost-effective fully welded machine on the market, this unit is in many shops and in constant use around the USA.

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Before Shipping, we will strictly test and evaluate every machine to ensure it produces high precision and accuracy. Only after passing our quality control tests is your machine released.

At Phantom CNC systems all CNC machines are covered by our 1 year electronic warranty and free phone tech support. As part of our tech support, we provide support via phone, email, or internet connectivity. This will ensure that you are able to keep your machine producing and turning a profit.  We have built extra room for our customers at our facility.  Customers are welcome to stop by our facility or give us a call and schedule a time to come do some training. 

Our warranty policy is very simple. 1 year on electronics and 3 years on the frame.  Even when the warranty period has expired, we will do all we can to keep your machine running and making you money. For more warranty and support, please call us at 1-252-402-8711.

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Shipping will be by flatbed only on 4' x 8' and larger machines. We recommend direct (dedicated load) shipping. This gets your unit to you faster and it is protected. We DO NOT recommend van lines. Our experience has been that many trucking companies in this time of very high shipping demand will damage the equipment and not stand by their quotes. We have dedicated shippers that can handle your machine anywhere in the USA.  A 5000lb lift capacity forklift with extended fork is recommended to off load.  Pick up is always available and we recommend this as you can train with us for free on your machine in our tech bays before loading and heading home.

For more please call us at 252-259-4484

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