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• 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′ stock sizes (Special sizes available upon request)
• 16.1HP VFD Automatic Tool Change Air cooled spindle ISO 130
• Multi-zone vacuum table with T-slot options and gate valves for zone control

• Dual pneumatic rollers applying 600 pounds of down pressure to your substrate

• 220V 1ph 50 amp power
• Rotary vane vacuum pumps with mufflers are available
• Delta servo motors and drives 
• Japanese high precision gear reduction

• Z-axis transmission parts and use aviation aluminum alloy T6061/6063
• Air operated dust collection hood
• Automatic Tool Height calibration sensor
• Automatic Lubrication system
• Independent Industrial control cabinet
• Multi-software compatibility: Compatible with various CAD/CAM software

• Pneumatic reference pins

Rotary Options Also Available in 5' x 10'

Pricing Based on Table Size:

(4x8) $37,800 / (5x10) $40,800

5x10 Rotary Options Start at $45,800

Financing As Low As $775/mo. Apply Here!

Phantom Reaper CNC Router

Phantom offers plenty of discounts!
Phantom CNC Systems ATC router table, Reaper
Phantom CNC Systems technical information about the Reaper

Phantom Reaper CNC Router

Introducing the Reaper ATC: The Ultimate Solution for Faster Production

The Phantom Reaper ATC CNC router machine is a revolutionary machine that can significantly reduce production time with its automatic tool changing feature. This means that the CNC operator no longer needs to change and zero tools individually between tool paths. The ATC feature allows the router to handle the entire job, even when different tooling is required for various types of cuts. For instance, signs and complex 3D carvings can be easily accomplished with this machine, which is capable of performing operations typically done on other equipment. This eliminates the need for additional machines in the shop.

The Reaper ATC CNC router comes equipped with an automatic tool height system that uses a sensor to compensate for tool length. With eight tools in a linear rack and a changeover time of only eight seconds, this is an incredibly productive machine. With a cutting speed of up to 500 inches per minute and a free speed of 1000 IPM, it is ideal for processing cabinets, wooden doors, and solid wood furniture in a high-speed shop.

Upgrade to the Phantom Reaper ATC CNC router, and take your production to the next level.

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Discover the Reaper

The Phantom Reaper ATC CNC router machine is a revolutionary machine that can significantly reduce production time with its automatic tool changing feature.

Reaper 4x8/5x10

The machine is designed with the dust covers on the guide rails and the helical rack and pinions. The Y-axis has double-layer sheet metal design for debris-proof operation. This extends the life of the drive system.

Dust Cover

The spindle alone is 22lbs. After it has been assembled the Z Axis section weighs more than 200lbs. We use a high precision and high speed ball screw system with a Delta 750 watt drive and brake motor to move the Z axis.

Z Axis Structure

All Phantom machines come standard with high-frequency collet spindle. These precision spindles require no maintenance and use industry-standard ER collets. They come fully programmable from speeds of 6,000 to 18,000 RPM and come complete with a vacuum hood and wrenches.

Air-Cooled Spindle

• Cooling, lubricating, and cleaning the tooling can be completed at one time during processing.

• It can increase processing speed, save processing time, cost, and reduce tool wear.

• It is helpful to ensure the processing-quality and the best use of cutting tools.

• Processing alloys or super-hard materials need this system.

Water-Oil Mist Cooling System

2,2KW - Vacuum Pump Rotary vane vacuum pumps and the piping are available for your table.

Vacuum Pump

Phantom uses a 1.5M helical tooth rack and pinion system. This allows for smooth high speed, high precision and low noise operation. We use PMI 25 linear guides with flange sliders on all axis.

Machine Rack and Pinion

Financing As Low As $775/mo. Apply Here!

Financing Available!

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