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• Bakelite, Multi-Zone Vac Table

• 4ft x 4ft Working Area

• 9.8 Inch Gantry Height

• Welded Frame w/ Steel Legs

• Air cooled spindle 9KW

• Oil-mist Cooling system

• 220V Single Phase 

• Linear XZ and Y guide system with Ball Screw Z 

• HD Pendant Control System

• Manual Pump Lubrication System

• Pneumatic 8 Tool changer equip with IS0 30

• Micro stepping gear reduced helical rack and pinion with 400 watt drive.


Original Price: $19,500

Financing As Low As $405/mo. Apply Here!

Phantom Atomic SCVATC CNC Router

Phantom SCVATC Atomic Series CNC Router

Introducing the SCVATC Atomic Series CNC Router: The Latest in Precision and Durability

Looking for a powerful CNC machine that doesn't take up too much space? Look no further than the SCVATC Atomic Series CNC Router. Despite its compact size, this 4' x 4' machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer and can pack a punch when it comes to the quality of cuts. Its tolerance level of +/- 0.03 across 12' ft means that it's incredibly precise.


The SC CNC Series boasts an industrial-grade machine bed made from .180 mild steel square tube that is welded and laser-aligned with +_ .030 inch end to end. Its high-precision linear bearings and rails on every axis result in less rolling moment resistance, which translates to more torque from the motors.

This CNC router comes equipped with a 9KW 12HP VFD-driven air-cooled spindle, ER32 collets, and a dust collection hood that concentrates airflow at the cutter for maximum dust collection performance. The multi-zone vacuum with T-slot table is constructed from a water-proof Bakelite material to ensure that the table holds a strong suction and tight tolerances for precision cutting.

For machining thin or small sheet materials that are not easily vacuumed, the table has built-in clamp slots. The machines are also equipped with pneumatic rollers that create 600lbs of downforce, each, to prevent materials from moving during the cut.


The SCVATC CNC series is powered by large stepper motors with gear reduction, controlled by an HD controller to ensure that your cutting is never interrupted by Windows updates or malware. Plus, every machine sold by us is fully quality tested at our North Carolina facility.

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