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A first look at our large machines with our SCR series.  Complete with a 6.1HP Spindle, Pendant Control, and heavy welded frame.  


The amount of down time your machine experience while you are changing tools and bits would surprise you.  This fully automatic tool changing machine changes tools out in a matter of seconds increasing your production and your profits. 


"We fix problems before you ever know you have them by our engineering."
~Steve Wallace, CEO


Our Industry Leading Plasma Series with Automatic Torch Height Control, Stand Alone Control System, and Fully Welded Frames



S  4 8 CNC copy.png

Step into full production mode with a S Series production level machines 
Multi-Zone Vacuum Table.  

"I love solving problems customers didn't know they had."

Steven Wallace

Chief Executive Officer, Owner

"We are USA based right here in North Carolina and we are here for you."

Tom Klontz

Treasurer, Owner

"Design, Build, Invent. Make it drill powered if your feeling fancy."

Izzy Swan

Content Creator Director


"Always push yourself to do new things. You never know what you are capable of until you try to step outside that box you call a comfort zone."

Nick Leonard

Phantom Dealer/Content Creator


"Be willing to chase perfection, even though it's not possible!  The results you get at the end will be above all else!"

Nolan Thompson

Content Creator


"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they happen.  Just learn from them and improve.

Dillon Sands

Content Creator


SC Series 4'x4'


As CNC manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial solutions for small shops and production facilities that won't break the bank.

"Professional Machines on a Maker's Budget"
~Izzy Swan 

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