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  • 4ft x 4ft working area

  • 9.8 Inch gantry height

  • Welded frame w/ steel legs

  • Aluminum T-slot clamping table

  • Air cooled spindle 4.5KW

  • Oil-mist cooling system

  • 220V single phase 30A connection

  • Linear XZ and Y guide system with ball screw Z 

  • Automatic controlled pneumatic rollers

  • Pendant control system

  • Manual pump lubrication system

Steel legs can be left off to allow the machine to  sit on a table however, a strong table is needed.  Machine weighs 1,380lbs with the legs, 1,200lbs without. 

Original Price: $9,950

ON SALE NOW! $9,450

Financing As Low As $185/mo. Apply Here!

Phantom SCA 4x4 CNC Router

SCA 4x4 Phantom CNC Systems Router
Discounts available on all Phantom CNC Systems

Discover the SCA44

With a compact 4' x 4' footprint, these machines are sturdy and provide accurate cuts with a tolerance of +/- 0.03 across 12' ft.

SCA44 4ftx4ft

The machine is designed with the dust covers on the guide rails and the helical rack and pinions. The Y-axis has double-layer sheet metal design for debris-proof operation. This extends the life of the drive system.

Dust Cover

The spindle alone is 22lbs. After it has been assembled the Z Axis section weighs more than 200lbs. We use a high precision and high speed ball screw system with a Delta 750 watt drive and brake motor to move the Z axis.

Z Axis Structure

All Phantom machines come standard with high-frequency collet spindle. These precision spindles require no maintenance and use industry-standard ER collets. They come fully programmable from speeds of 6,000 to 18,000 RPM and come complete with a vacuum hood and wrenches.

Air-Cooled Spindle

• Cooling, lubricating, and cleaning the tooling can be completed at one time during processing.

• It can increase processing speed, save processing time, cost, and reduce tool wear.

• It is helpful to ensure the processing-quality and the best use of cutting tools.

• Processing alloys or super-hard materials need this system.

Water-Oil Mist Cooling System

2,2KW - Vacuum Pump Rotary vane vacuum pumps and the piping are available for your table.

Vacuum Pump

Phantom uses a 1.5M helical tooth rack and pinion system. This allows for smooth high speed, high precision and low noise operation. We use PMI 25 linear guides with flange sliders on all axis.

Machine Rack and Pinion

Financing As Low As $185/mo. Apply Here!

Financing Available!

Information on the SCA 4x4 Phantom CNC router

Phantom SC Series CNC Router

The SC Series CNC Router: Your Cost-Effective Solution for Precision Cutting.

Our SC Series CNC Router is a reliable, high-quality machine that opens up many opportunities for your business.


With a compact 6' x 6' footprint, these machines are sturdy and provide accurate cuts with a tolerance of +/- 0.03 across 12' ft.


The SC CNC Series features a machine bed made from durable .180 mild steel square tube, which is welded and laser-aligned with +/- .030 inch end to end. Industrial-quality linear bearings with high-precision rails on every axis reduce rolling moment resistance and increase torque from the motors.


Our CNC router is equipped with a 6.1 HP VFD-driven air-cooled spindle, ER32 collets, and a dust collection hood that provides optimal dust collection performance. The multi-zone vacuum with T-slot table is constructed from a stable, waterproof Bakelite material, ensuring that the table holds strong suction and tight tolerances for precision cutting.


Built-in clamp slots are available for machining thin or small sheet materials that are not easily vacuumed, and pneumatic rollers prevent materials from moving during the cut by providing 600 pounds of down pressure on the material.


The SCA 44 CNC series is powered by large stepper motors with gear reduction, controlled by a DSP A11 pendant. This ensures that your cutting is never interrupted by Windows updates or malware.


Additionally, every machine sold by us is fully quality-tested at our facility in North Carolina.

Parts on SCA 4x4 CNC router
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