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(252) 229-3896

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  • 4ft x 4ft Working Area

  • 9.8 Inch Gantry Height

  • Welded Frame w/ Steel Legs

  • Aluminum T-Slot Clamping Table

  • Air cooled spindle 4.5KW

  • Oil-mist Cooling system

  • 220V Single Phase 4.5KW

  • Linear XZ and Y guide system with Ball Screw Z 

  • Automatic Controlled Pneumatic Rollers

  • Pendant Control System

  • Manual Pump Lubrication System

Steel legs can be left off to allow the machine to  sit on a table however, a strong table is needed.  Machine weighs 1,380lbs with the legs, 1,200lbs without. 

Original Price: $9,950

ON SALE NOW! $9,450

Financing As Low As $185/mo. Apply Here!

Phantom SCA44 CNC Router

phantom cnc systems sca44 brochure

Phantom SC Series CNC Router

Introducing the SC Series CNC Router: Your Cost-Effective Solution for Precision Cutting.

Our SC Series CNC Router is a reliable, high-quality machine that opens up many opportunities for your business.


With a compact 6' x 6' footprint, these machines are sturdy and provide accurate cuts with a tolerance of +/- 0.03 across 12' ft.


The SC CNC Series features a machine bed made from durable .180 mild steel square tube, which is welded and laser-aligned with +_ .030 inch end to end. Industrial-quality linear bearings with high-precision rails on every axis reduce rolling moment resistance and increase torque from the motors.


Our CNC router is equipped with a 6.1 HP VFD-driven air-cooled spindle, ER32 collets, and a dust collection hood that provides optimal dust collection performance. The multi-zone vacuum with t-slot table is constructed from a stable, waterproof Bakelite material, ensuring that the table holds strong suction and tight tolerances for precision cutting.


Built-in clamp slots are available for machining thin or small sheet materials that are not easily vacuumed, and pneumatic rollers prevent materials from moving during the cut by providing a high amount of down pressure on the material.


The SCA 44 CNC series is powered by large stepper motors with gear reduction, controlled by a DSP A11 pendant. This ensures that your cutting is never interrupted by Windows updates or malware.


Additionally, every machine sold by us is fully quality-tested at our facility in North Carolina.

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